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The Directors

Alan Dovey (MSc, RMN, DPSN, Dip Psych) and Sharon Wilday (MSc, SROT, Dip COT) have over 10 years experience as cognitive behavioural specialists working directly with occupational and personnel professionals as well as employees, senior managers and union officials. They are also both Honorary Clinical Lecturers at the University of Birmingham.

Throughout this time they have helped both individuals and organisations come to grips with the complex individual and environmental factors that mediate wellness and performance in the workplace. Their work is always based on best available research evidence in managing human emotions, thoughts and behaviours.

They have extensive experience in working on a one-to-one basis with clients who have experienced a range of distressing emotions ranging from general anxiety to clinical and pronounced depression.

Together they provide in-house psychotherapy services for West Midlands Fire Service UK, Landrover and Jaguar Vehicles UK, GKN, and Aston Martin.

They teach on numerous pre and post graduate training programmes in psychotherapy and mental health at various Universities and developed the first National Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Interventions for Occupational Health Professionals with Brunel University and The At Work Partnership. They have also provided numerous bespoke evidence based training programmes for Occupational Health Nurses, Occupational Health Physicians, Human Resource teams and Senior Managers in supporting individuals with common mental health problems in the workplace.

They have undertaken research in occupational mental health and sickness absence and have presented their work at several conferences including the World Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Congress in Japan 2004 and the Asia CBT Conference, Bangkok 2008.

Consultancy Experience

Alan and Sharon have provided clinical and training services to a number of companies and this ranges from in-house clinics within occupational health departments to direct referrals from occupational health providers and human resource departments, as well as bespoke psychological health training and consultancy. Organisations we currently or have provided services to include:

  • West Midlands Fire Service
  • Warwickshire Fire Service
  • West Midlands Police Service
  • Land Rover and Jaguar Vehicles
  • Aston Martin
  • Rolls Royce Plc
  • Birmingham Post and Mail
  • Sandwell Borough Council
  • GKN Driveline
  • Department of Defence (Distribution)
  • BOC
  • Birmingham City Football Club
  • Tesco Occupational Health Service
  • Marks and Spencer Occupational health Service
  • University of Birmingham
  • Health Care Risk Management
  • Argent Rehabilitation
  • South Yorkshire Police Service
  • Civil Service
  • Department of Work and Pensions
Conferences and Presentations



  • National Mental Health Nursing Conference (2009) ‘Mental Health and sickness-absence’.
    Dovey, A and Anthony, P
  • 17th European Congress in Psychiatry (Jan 2009) Lisbon (Poster session).
    Dovey, A and Wilday, S.


  • RCN SOHN Annual Conference (Nov 2008 Southport) ‘The function of belief systems in an occupational setting, A cognitive behavioural analysis’
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • The Asian CBT Conference Bangkok (Oct 2008 Bangkok) ‘Cognitive Therapy for work place beliefs- A changing world’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • Occupational Health Physicians National Conference (June 2008 Dublin) ‘The Role of CBT in Occupational Health’
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • RCN SOHN Annual Conference (April 2008) ‘A whole systems approach to CBT’
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S.


  • RCN SOHN Annual Conference (April 2007) ‘CBT in Occupational Health’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • Master foods National Conference in Occupational Health (June 2007) ‘CBT for workplace anxiety’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • Rolls Royce International Conference (Nov 2007) ‘CBT in an occupational setting’
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • Police National Occupational Health Conference (Nov 07) ‘CBT for workplace mental health problems’
    Dovey, A.


  • The Royal College of Psychiatry- Faculty of liaison Psychiatrists Annual Meeting (2006) ‘The role of CBT in the management of sickness absence’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • Independent Review Service IRS (2006) ‘Managing Change Management Presentation’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S.


  • Tesco Annual OH Conference (2005) ‘Managing Anxiety and Depression: A CBT perspective’
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S.
  • At Work Partnerships Conference (2005) ‘Managing Stress and Mental Health at Work’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • Marks and Spencer’s Annual OH Conference (2005) ‘Managing Anxiety and Depression: A CBT Perspective’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • RCN SOHN Annual Conference (2005) ‘CBT Training for Occupational Health Practitioners’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S.


  • At Work Partnerships Conference (2004) ‘Occupational Health at Work’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • Central England Occupational Health Annual Conference (2004) ‘Maintenance factors in anxiety and depression’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • RCN SOHN Annual Conference (2004 Telford) ‘The role of sickness absence in the maintenance of mental health’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapy (2005 Japan) ‘Cognitive behavioural therapy for sickness absence and avoidance’.
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S.


  • RCN SOHN Annual Conference (2003 Bournemouth) ‘Efficacy of CBT in OHMH’
    Dovey, A. and Wilday, S
  • Family Behavioural Therapy National Conference: ‘Training in Psychosocial Interventions’
    Dovey, A.
  • European Behaviour and Cognitive Psychotherapy Conference (Prague) ‘Cognitive Therapy with Auditory Hallucinations’.
    Dovey, A
  • Trust Presentation to: House of Commons Select Committee: ‘Primary Care Services’
    Dovey, A
  • 3rd International Conference on Early Psychosis (Copenhagen) ‘Cognitive Therapy with Auditory Hallucinations’.
    Dovey, A
  • Royal College of Nursing Occupational Health Conference ‘Consultant Liaison Model of Occupational Mental Healthcare’.
    Dovey, A
  • International Society for the Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenia national Conference ‘Collaborative Empiricism: Group Therapy for Psychosis’
    Dovey, A
  • Clinical Governance Conference (London) ‘Integrated Primary Mental Health Care’.
    Dovey, A
  • Paper accepted for European Nursing Conference (Jersey)
    Dovey, A
  • Carlisle Health Authority: ‘Assertive outreach conference’
    Dovey, A.
Research and Publications

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