Bespoke Training in Psychological Health and Performance

Alan and Sharon teach on numerous pre and post graduate training programmes in psychotherapy and mental health at various Universities and developed the first National Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Interventions for Occupational Health Professionals with Brunel University and The At Work Partnership. They have also developed an intensive evidence based training programme for managers in supporting individuals with common mental health problems in the workplace.

Evidence based training is the key to mental well-being in the workplace
Training You So You Donít Need Us

Traditionally the utilisation of CBT within the work place has been in the form of referrals out to external CBT providers. This can be helpful as NHS waiting lists for CBT can be long and the ability to provide early intervention for mental health problems is paramount in the early recovery and return to normal functioning for the client. However this can be very costly to the employer and as an external adjunct to the individual’s management may not fit fully within the context of the company.

Alan and Sharon have recognised, through their work within Organisations, that you know your company context better than anyone else and that through appropriate training you can utilise a cognitive behavioural approach within your company for many situations and individuals. This has been supported by significant research within the field of CBT training from University research studies. Studies found where non CBT clinical staff were given brief but specific training (and with appropriate supervision) the outcomes were positive.

Alan and Sharon pioneered this approach in the development of the first national certificate in CBT for occupational health practitioners.

Australian Studies with the first aid for mental health approach have taken this further with the brief training for non-clinical personnel both in the general public and within organisations, which has also proven to be effective.

At Working Minds we like to believe that with the knowledge and guidance from us you are able to manage psychological issues within the workplace in a far more proactive manner.

Working Minds Training

Working Minds can provide consultancy to organisations regarding specific areas of need (for example managing a traumatic event within the workplace or managing forthcoming change) as well as in-house bespoke training for individuals or groups within the company.

Where you have a specific need for training in the work place it can often be helpful to develop tailored-made programmes. This can involve key members within the organisation and can provide a clear and proactive approach to the strategies needed.

There are many different elements to supporting an individual employee at work and this can often include areas such as specific health issues, relationship issues, managing personality traits, changing working environments as well as performance issues.

Currently in most organisations specialist departments are engaged to manage specific areas, for example occupational health, human resources and line managers. The value of the Cognitive Behavioural Model is that it encompasses all of these areas in one scientific approach and can be helpful in directing a more co-ordinated approach in the management of any specific situation or individual. Training can be provided to all personnel and can include training/workshops for occupational health staff, human resources, line managers and individuals. Alan and Sharon have spent a great deal of time assisting employers with issues ranging from how to best manage forthcoming change within an organisation through to how to provide an evidence based approach for the management of a workplace incident. The input can vary from initial consultancy and advice right through to workshops for employees and training for managers.

Details of existing courses can be found below.

  • Understanding a Cognitive Behavioural Approach to Managing Emotional Problems
  • Understanding and managing change
  • Change management
  • Understanding and managing trauma
  • Understanding and managing anxiety
  • Understanding and managing depression
  • Managing performance and improving motivation: A Cognitive Behavioural Perspective
  • Managing anxiety and depression in the workplace: A guide for managers
  • Improving emotional resilience
  • Stress management
  • Critical incident management
early intervention for mental health problems is paramount in the early recovery and return to normal functioning


Working Minds provides a range of cognitive behavioural self-help material, which can be downloaded in a PDF format.
These include:

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