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About Working Minds

Working Minds has been operating for over the last 15 years as highly experienced cognitive behavioural specialists, working directly with occupational and personnel professionals as well as employees, senior managers, and union officials.

Throughout this time Working Minds has helped both individuals and organisations come to grips with the complex individual and environmental factors that mediate wellness and performance in the workplace. Our work is always based on best available research evidence in managing human emotions, thoughts, and behaviours.

Mission: At Working Minds UK, our skills provide a service that is delivered with integrity, focus, authenticity, warmth, and professionalism. We aim to support each client with a committed and trustworthy foundation, to nurture and foster an environment that is safe, confidential, and professional.

Values: Compassion and commitment to our clients are our core. We will work in collaboration to provide a safe, confidential service. We are inclusive, respectful

and dedicated to providing a high-quality experience for our clients. We are registered and accredited professionals: accountable for our practice and follow the standards of our professional body.

Behaviors: Transparency and tenacity are at the heart of our organization. We will endeavor to inspire and implement research and innovation into our service. Our clients can expect evidence-based practice and will receive committed and compassionate care.

Quality: We are passionate about providing the highest standards in our delivery of clinical, educational, and corporate consultancy services.  We will monitor and audit our practice. We will respect and listen to the views of our clients, work collaboratively, review and implement required change. We will promote Continual Professional Development (CPD), supervision and strive towards optimum performance.

Mission Statement:

“To provide a partnership with individuals and organisations to educate, inspire and empower… working together to promote recovery and wellbeing” 

Working Minds UK is a tailored bespoke consultancy service for clinical, educational and corporate clients. We passionately strive to offer the premium organisational health services within the mental health community. The growth and evolution of providing an excellence service at an affordable cost, enables us to become a catalyst for mental well-being to a high-quality standard.

We offer a flexible, tailored made training and consultancy service to all clients wishing to explore ways to maintain and improve mental well-being and performance in the workplace, whether this be from an individual, departmental or organisational perspective.

Working Minds provides clinical services to several companies, ranging from in-house clinics, direct referrals from occupational health providers and human resource departments.

Our mission, our values and our behaviors help shape and define the culture of our service. We monitor these; commit, enhance and improve.

Vision Statement:

Working Minds UK: Our vision is to optimize personal potential through encouraging dialogue, expanding knowledge, increasing awareness, and minimizing stigma at the earliest intervention.

We offer one to one individual and group sessions, educational services, including webinars, and flexible support systems for employers. In specific:

Individual therapy

As trained psychotherapists, we will help to guide a client to work through a problem. The individual therapy implemented will vary upon the psychological problem, the personal beliefs, and practices of the therapist, to support the individual needs of the client.

The full list of our therapy services can be found at the top on the page.

Occupational Health

Working Minds has successfully worked with many OH companies over the last several years. Our psychological support is provided through an occupational health referral, then we carefully select the best service and duration suitable for the needs of your employee.

NHS Trusts/ Primary Care

Working Minds provides counselling and psychotherapy sessions for GP practices. Adhering to the CCG requirements, we aim to provide treatment for clients suffering from mild to moderate mental health issues such as stress, depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, bereavement, and relationship problems.

If you wish to see one of our psychotherapists, please speak with your GP and request a referral letter. Appointments cannot take place without a referral letter from your GP. The referral can be addressed specifically to one of the consultants or Working Minds. In the case of the latter we will arrange for you to be seen at the first available appointment convenient to your needs.


We teach on numerous pre and post graduate training programmes in psychotherapy and mental health at various universities and developed the first National Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Interventions for Occupational Health Professionals with Brunel University and The At Work Partnership. We have also provided numerous bespoke evidence-based training programmes for Occupational Health Nurses, Occupational Health Physicians, Human Resource teams and Senior Managers in supporting individuals with common mental health problems in the workplace.

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West Midlands Police
West Midlands Fire Service
Warwickshire Fire And Rescue
University Of Birmingham
South Yorkshire Police
Rolls Royce
Ministry of defence
Marks & Spencer
Aston Martin
Birmingham City Football Club
Civil Service
Department for work and pensions
GKN Automotive
Healthcare rm
Lincolnshire Police
Western Power
Staffordshire University
West Midlands Fire Service

At West Midlands Fire Service we have established a long and productive relationship with Working Minds UK. Alan Dovey has a clear understanding of the needs of our service and has provided support for operational and non-operational staff alike. The input he delivers has proved to be extremely cost-effective and has shown an excellent return on investment in terms of a reduction in sickness absence days. We regard Alan as an essential and valued member of our multidisciplinary Occupational Heal ...

Paul Hinckley, Senior Business Partner
South Yorkshire Police

CBT has been integrated in to all aspects of the occupational health practitioner’s work in South Yorkshire Police. Having now had three practitioners trained by Alan and Sharon on their national course, we are able to provide effective, practical therapeutic and educational support to our clients. Extending the remit of the occupational health advisor with cognitive behavioural training has been the most rewarding, efficient and effective investment not only for the professionalism of the ...

Sharon Whitehouse, Occupational Health Manager
Healthcare RM

Sharon and Alan’s training in cognitive behavioural practice and their ongoing supervision has helped us develop and maintain our skills in the complex area of workplace mental health.

Anita Ross and Hayley Arnold, Case Managers
Healthcare RM

As a specialist occupational/corporate healthcare provider Alan Dovey and Sharon Wilday’s cognitive behavioural training to our case managers has proved invaluable in ensuring we provide a first class service to our clients

Tim Heard, Psych Health Risk Consultant
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