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Sleep and Mental Health: Importance of Good Sleep to Mental Well-Being

Every year on the 10th of October, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Federation for Mental Health raise awareness about the importance of mental health, while providing a platform for mental health professionals to talk about their work and efforts in supporting those suffering from mental health conditions. Perhaps one of the most important factors influencing overall mental health is sleep. Sleep affects our overall mood an ...

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Neither Depressed nor Flourishing? How Languishing Defines Modern Life

Have you ever suffered from a time where you've felt neither depressed or flourished? That feeling where you feel as if you are stuck in the no-mans-land of emotions? If that's a yes, then chances are you were languishing.   Having once been described as “the neglected middle child of mental health”, languishing is a general condition of non-thriving. Thanks to the pandemic new research has found that 12% of the population will ...

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Important Workplace Mental Health Lessons Learned from Lockdown

How have you found working from home? For some, it was everything they've wished for. For others, it started exciting but turned into an isolating and unproductive experience. Whichever you may be, working from home has definitely taught both employees and employers important lessons on how to have better workplace mental health.   Lessons include taking regular breaks, taking on new challenges to reduce feeling fatigued, the fact that too ...

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Harvard Health Reports 41% Rise in Alcoholism in Women amid Pandemic

Did the pandemic cause you to drink more or less? According to a study by Harvard Health 14% of adults said they had increased the number of times they were heavy drinking (where you have 4 or more drinks on one occasion). In particular, there was a 41% increase among adult women.   Experts are warning that they have seen a gradual month-on-month increase in these numbers. However, because women metabolize alcohol differently to men it affe ...

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3 Tips From Founders for Preserving Your Mental Health

Millions of businesses have struggled because of the pandemic, from high-street giants and global organisations to independent stores and local hospitality venues. CEOs and business leaders have faced difficult decisions and have been under increased stress causing many to suffer from anxiety and even depression.   However, for some, they've been able to adopt a perspective that gave them the confidence to move forward. In the article below ...

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