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Welcome to the Working Minds latest news. Below are a number of articles and information pages relating to the services we offer and news and announcements from the industry.

Difficult Times to Say the Least

In the light of this weekend's latest restrictions, we understand that many of you, especially those placed under tier 4, will be feeling worried, anxious, and scared about the months to come. Christmas is an especially difficult time for some, however, we want everyone to know that none of you are alone. The months ahead are going to be tough and it seems like there is still a long way to go. These are difficult times and we need to ensure we ar ...

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Life Across the Globe

Since early this year, the pandemic has affected life across the globe. It's impacted not only our physical health, but the financial impact has caused many nations to fall into a recession. We might never really be able to identify the damage of the pandemic, but the concept of 'mental wealth' has been described as a good starting point.   A nation's mental wealth can be defined as the collective cognitive and emotional resources of citize ...

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Christmas Day Alone

Christmas is the time of year for celebrations and get-togethers with our loved ones. Christmas day is usually spent with the ones we love opening presents and enjoying food and drink around the table.   However, due to the pandemic, this Christmas is set to be a different one with more people spending it alone. Many people, young and old, will choose to stay at home to protect their loved ones against and minimise the risk of spreading the ...

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Working Minds UK

Our team uses their 20 years of combined experience to offer the highest quality tailor-made training in all areas of mental health and well-being. Here at Working Minds UK, we offer a range of specialist therapy services to suit a range of needs from COVID-19 group therapy, applied behaviour analysis, clinical supervision, cognitive behavioural therapy, and more. If you'd like to contact our team for more information on the services we have to o ...

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Student Mental Health

A survey by the National Union of Students has found that more than 50% of students say their mental health has declined since the Pandemic began, and for most it’s like living in “a bubble for one”. With face-to-face classes and social events cancelled students feel lonely, isolated and often depressed. Many had to isolate within days of arriving to the campus and were told not to have any contact with others. Of course, this i ...

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