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West Midlands Fire Service

At West Midlands Fire Service we have established a long and productive relationship with Working Minds UK. Alan Dovey has a clear understanding of the needs of our service and has provided support for operational and non-operational staff alike. The input he delivers has proved to be extremely cost-effective and has shown an excellent return on investment in terms of a reduction in sickness absence days. We regard Alan as an essential and valued member of our multidisciplinary Occupational Health team.

Paul Hinckley, Senior Business Partner
South Yorkshire Police

CBT has been integrated in to all aspects of the occupational health practitioner’s work in South Yorkshire Police. Having now had three practitioners trained by Alan and Sharon on their national course, we are able to provide effective, practical therapeutic and educational support to our clients. Extending the remit of the occupational health advisor with cognitive behavioural training has been the most rewarding, efficient and effective investment not only for the professionalism of the team but also of significant benefit to both the client and the organisation. Alan and Sharon’s approachable and practical training style is clearly underpinned by a wealth of expertise and experience which supports students to become confident and competent cognitive behavioural practitioners.

Sharon Whitehouse, Occupational Health Manager
Healthcare RM

Sharon and Alan’s training in cognitive behavioural practice and their ongoing supervision has helped us develop and maintain our skills in the complex area of workplace mental health.

Anita Ross and Hayley Arnold, Case Managers
Healthcare RM

As a specialist occupational/corporate healthcare provider Alan Dovey and Sharon Wilday’s cognitive behavioural training to our case managers has proved invaluable in ensuring we provide a first class service to our clients

Tim Heard, Psych Health Risk Consultant
West Midlands Fire Service

Alan has worked for West Midlands Fire Service for over ten years. During that time he has always provided a first class professional service. He is flexible and adapts well to the ever changing needs of the organisation as well as the needs of the client especially in regards to complex cases. This is reflected in the many positive responses we receive from employees who have been referred to his service

Amanda Savage, Specialist Practioner Occupational Health
The Psychology Service

Exceptional flexibility with appointment times and very helpful for me when trying to work around my home and employment commitments, Alan was very patient and understanding and has made a real difference to my life. He managed to put his finger on many issues that must have always been there but I couldn’t see for myself and that were hindering my recovery and for this I am grateful. Thank you.

Anonymous ,
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